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Light, cool, simple

June 28, 2012 Clint Smith

The prime imperatives behind this week’s dish: keep it light, keep it cool. And it doesn’t hurt to keep things simple while you’re at it. This recipe succeeds on all three levels. The salmon should […]

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Taking a gamble on sweet corn

June 28, 2012 Carol Michel

When I was a kid, we always said “knee high by the Fourth of July” when we passed a cornfield in the summertime. As I recall, most of the time, the corn was actually closer […]

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Overcoming adversity, instilling power

June 28, 2012 Kenny Norman

Pageants aren’t just for college students, single ladies or Indy 500 Princesses. Greenwood resident and first-time pageant contestant Carrie Owens wants to show she’s got what it takes to go from Mrs. Indiana to Mrs. […]

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The awesome, ancient avocado

June 28, 2012 Wendell Fowler

A burly and manly man whined that his wife had (gasp!) placed guacamole on his taco. “I won’t eat no #(%@ green food!” he complained. Well, get over it, tough guy. The Aztecs used avocados […]