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Waiting out the winter

November 24, 2010 Carol Michel

The first seed catalog showed up in my mailbox earlier this week, right on schedule and on the same day I planted the last of the spring-flowering bulbs in the garden. On the back patio, […]

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Good music crosses generations

November 24, 2010 Mike Redmond

The other day, I was reminded of something so important that I can’t understand how I lost track of it to begin with. I was getting dinner at that restaurant named after a group of […]

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I’m thankful to have an ally

November 24, 2010 Kevin Kane

Unscientific studies show that about 75 percent of community newspaper columns published this week will contain the phrase “this year I’m thankful for…” Well label me yet another statistic – sort of.

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Personal Finance

A primer on new health care act

November 18, 2010 Steve Maple

No matter if you call the law “Obamacare” or use its proper name, “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” you need to know some of its basic provisions.