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Redskin Rally

February 25, 2010 Mike Alexander

Manual alums cheer All-American Hopkins and Redskins to victory Manual High School and the Southside rose again. About 1,500 — most of them alums — painted a sea of red in the Richard C. Cummins […]

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A Noble Quest

February 25, 2010 Mike Beas

Thirteen-year-old Charleston Shi of Avon puts his imagination to words with his 11-book series, “The Quest of the Phoenix” The wheel spins. Swiftly and regularly it rotates, slowing to an eventual stop only when its […]

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Where’s my apology, Tiger?

February 25, 2010 Kevin Kane

Last Friday, Tiger Woods faced the nation and apologized for his recent unfaithful actions. If you saw or heard the address, you may have noticed that Woods apologized to nearly everyone from his wife to […]

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Plant your peas in early spring

February 25, 2010 Carol Michel

With the snow melting, and hopefully warmer days ahead, it’s not too early to think about planting what are often referred to as “early spring crops,” like peas. There are just a few tricks to […]