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Don’t trash your amaryllis

January 29, 2010 Carol Michel

A few weeks after you’ve put up the last of the holiday decorations, it’s tempting to also toss out the poinsettia plants and amaryllis (Hippeastrum sp.) bulbs once their blooms have faded. I agree, go […]

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It’s all about where you start

January 29, 2010 Kevin Kane

Like 90 percent of the people waiting in line at grocery store checkouts, I tend to glance at the magazine covers. The front-page “teasers” grab my attention, but that’s where the curiosity stops. I look […]

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Personal Finance

Are there tax breaks for that?

January 29, 2010 Steve Maple

Inquiring minds want to know. Here is a miscellany of questions. Does a durable power of attorney continue after the grantor’s death? The “durable” part allows the power of attorney to continue even if the […]

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Front Page News

Talking property taxes

January 29, 2010 Mike Alexander

State legislators representing the Greenwood-area would like to see the elimination of property taxes. About 50 voters heard Sens. Brent Waltz and Pat Miller, and Reps. Woody Burton and David Frizzell say property taxes tend […]

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Aging doesn’t have to suck

January 29, 2010 Wendell Fowler

Are you persistently sapped and mentally done in? Feel like a wrinkled up dog-doo snow-cone? Do tackling weekend mental and physical chores feel like swimming through Jell-O? Is that what’s bumming you out, bucko? Guess […]