CrossRoad Engineers invests $12,000 in park improvements

Thanks to a $12,000 contribution by CrossRoad Engineers, rehabilitation of the north and south basketball courts in Sarah T. Bolton Park will begin as soon as this week, weather permitting.

The investment by the engineering company, located on Sherman Drive in Beech Grove, will fund half of the cost of the improvements with the remaining $12,000 coming from the Parks Department. CrossRoad staff also will donate its design-planning time for the drainage and surface work for the courts.
According to CrossRoad Engineers Vice President Trent Newport, with their office around the corner from Sarah T. Bolton Park, staff uses park amenities on a regular basis and noticed the courts’ deteriorating condition.

“Being a longtime Beech Grove corporate citizen, we feel at home here and and use the basketball courts on a regular basis. We recognized the age of the courts and the impaired drainage in the area, so we want to do our part to invest in a valuable asset of a park we enjoy.

“CrossRoad believes in giving back. We are proud to be part of this rehabilitation project and look forward to the next game on the new courts,” Newport said.

According to Newport, cracks in the north basketball court will be repaired and the deteriorating surface will have an asphalt overlay applied, along with a new acrylic color sports coat and striping. The same graphics as are in the city’s welcome towers along Emerson Avenue will be applied to the basketball courts’ surface.

The south basketball court will receive the same improvements, along with the installation of new drainage on the west and south sides so water drains into Lick Creek.


The remaining cost for the improvements will be funded by the Beech Grove Parks Department. “On behalf of the Park Board, I am very pleased to partner with CrossRoad Engineers to make improvements to our basketball courts in Sarah T. Bolton Park. The courts are used heavily and are in need of repair.

“With proper drainage and new surfaces, these courts mean a better, brighter Beech Grove. The Park Board thanks CrossRoad Engineers for their continued interest and generous investment in our community and specifically, our main City Park,” Marks said.

Led by Marks, the seven-member Park Board meets at 7:30 p.m. on the second Monday of each month at the Hornet Park Community Center. Park Board meetings are open to the public.

Sarah T. Bolton Park is Beech Grove’s largest city park, located at 1300 Churchman Ave. Purchased by the city from the Bolton estate in 1930, the Park is named after Hoosier poet Sarah Title Barrett Bolton, whose home still stands on 17th Street.

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  1. This is awesome. I applaud the generosity and thoughtfulness of this company. This is what being a good business neighbor is all about. I think the best part is the donation of their time and skills to make the project happen. Projects like the greenway which seemingly will never materialize show how inefficient government is compared to just going out and doing something yourself. I’m certainly excited to see this happening so fast and look forward to the nice new courts. As a member of the community I’d like to thank all of you at CrossRoad for this, sincerely.

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