Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: Kong: Skull Island

March 16, 2017 Adam Staten

Kong: Skull Island; weakly written, but impressively shot Hollywood is a big fan of sequels and remakes. They help to minimize the substantial financial uncertainty most movies present at the box office. In addition to […]

Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: Table 19

March 10, 2017 Adam Staten

Table 19; R.S.V.P yes for this one Getting married is a ceremony with life-changing ramifications, no matter how many times you happen to go through the occasion. It’s also a time, right or wrong, to […]

Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: A United Kingdom

March 2, 2017 Adam Staten

A United Kingdom; an unconventional love story Most people are by nature creatures of habit. These habits and routines, while they may become predictable and boring can help to provide safety and stability. Whether we’d […]

Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: The Great Wall

February 23, 2017 Adam Staten

The Great Wall; Unfinished story with inspiring visuals In the last year or so, walls and fences have received a lot of attention. Regardless of how you feel about the idea of a physical barrier […]


Torry’s Top Ten: New tax suggestions

February 16, 2017 Torry Stiles

Top ten suggestions for new taxes by Torry Stiles (Dear readers – It seems our state government is proposing some new taxes on things like gasoline and cigarettes. These things are already pretty heavily taxes […]

Around Town

Southport High School helps Hope Panel Build

February 14, 2017 Nicole Davis

Southport High School Help Build Hope Panel Build *Editor’s Note: The following letter was submitted from Southport High School: “My fellow Community Advocate, Thank you for your interest in the First Southport High School Help Build […]