Haunts & Jaunts: Ghostly encounters?

March 10, 2017 Rick Hinton

Ghostly encounters?    Approximately half of Americans participating in surveys claim to believe in ghosts, demons, hauntings and the supernatural world. Each year at Halloween an emphasis is placed upon the dark renderings of spooks […]

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Haunts & Jaunts: Central State Hospital

February 16, 2017 Rick Hinton

Central State Hospital will always be there.    Standing on the grounds of the former Central State Hospital for the Insane is a surreal experience as dusk descended on a chilly January evening. Our tour […]

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Haunts & Jaunts: Life on the streets

February 9, 2017 Rick Hinton

Life on the streets: A tour with IMPD through the Southeast District of Indianapolis    “There are true-blue victims—those that are genuine victims of crime, that have no say in the matter of daily life as […]

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Haunts & Jaunts: Adjusting the cycle

February 2, 2017 Rick Hinton

Adjusting the cycle.    Talking is vital to any relationship, especially in a marriage. Communication is key to defining where you’ve been, reflections of such, and where you hope to end up. Couples do, well, […]


Haunts & Jaunts: Breaking the cycle

January 26, 2017 Rick Hinton

Breaking the cycle   I find myself wondering, in the matter of ghost hunting, what it really is we’re trying to accomplish.  Are we not striving for something just out of reach? Will this uncertainty […]

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Haunts & Jaunts: Silent lucidity

January 19, 2017 Rick Hinton

Silent lucidity    True love endures the test of time. Couples together for any length of time become as one. There’s a sixth sense that transcends that reality. They not only finish each others sentences, […]