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Haunts & Jaunts: Indianapolis Catacombs

June 8, 2017 Rick Hinton

The Indianapolis Catacombs    Visitors to the City Market in downtown Indianapolis tread along a historic corridor of the city’s past. Originating in the 1880s, it’s one of the oldest markets in the city, and […]

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Haunts & Jaunts: Other opportunities

May 26, 2017 Rick Hinton

   I used to do paranormal investigations and go ghost hunting every weekend. Then, it became my wife Laura and I. She was interested in the paranormal. We did pretty much the same: gas, mileage, […]


Haunts & Jaunts: Questions answered

May 11, 2017 Rick Hinton

Haunts & Jaunts reader’s questions answered   I receive emails responding to articles I have written for The Southside Times. It’s been an interesting journey, and I do appreciate the feedback, even those questions regarding […]

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Haunts & Jaunts: God’s speed, Diane

April 20, 2017 Rick Hinton

God’s speed, Diane    Losing a spouse is never easy. Years together meld two into one; life partners with an agenda to nurture, love, respect and work together through various obstacles. It’s the true definition […]