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November 22, 2014

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Do Cranberry’s bog you down?

Get over yourself. During the holiday season, there are many logical reasons for you to embrace fresh, not jellied and sugared cranberries. Maroon Cranberries, a highly nourishing Super Food, are indisputably good for your holy temple. Tart Cranberries were used in American cuisine long before the Pilgrims landed. Wise and respectful of nature’s gifts, Native American Indians incorporated cranberries into many indigenous dishes. More...

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Think, Cook, Eat, Enjoy

Everyone treasures warm and fuzzy family traditions, especially during the rapidly approaching “holiday eating season.” It would appear, although, some of our family traditions are on the unhealthy side and need some gentle tweaking. You see, tradition can also be a double edged sword of health consequences as a country moves towards healthier ways of celebrating the religious holidays. Yes, it’s just one day, but disease doesn’t take...

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Carb overload: Bet you didn’t see this one coming?

Carbohydrates are considered so important to health that Harvard School of Public Health’s (HSPH) recommends most of your plate be healthy carbohydrates, half with vegetables and fruits and one-fourth with whole grains. Yes, but not all carbs come from wheat and grains. HSPH claims whole grain carbs, the base of the heavily biased corporate food pyramid, can reduce death from all causes, including heart disease and cancer. But,...

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Bye, bye my American Pie?

Thin or thick crust, Americans instinctively phone or go on-line to order pizza pie. Frankly, if I never see another pizza commercial hosted by the megalomaniac pizza chain owner again, it’ll be too soon. If you saw Papa John’s extravagant mansion which you subsidized, you’ll see pizza is rather profitable, although unhealthy when eaten excessively. According to the book, “How Italian food conquered the World”, the first documented...

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Ebola, the flu and your immune system

Our loving creator provided each of us a Department of Defense (DOD); however it’s clearly unloved.  Look around you; proliferating rates of preventable sickness continue unchecked.  Science encourages us, though, that the better you eat the better your temple will successfully defend itself and recover from invading virus, bacteria, or conceivably Ebola. Your DOD is the first line of defense that directly attacks and kills harmful...

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