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October 21, 2014

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Food bullies: the dark side of healthy eating

Food bullies: the dark side of healthy eating

Does anyone else get made fun of for being a healthy eater? Sandi and I get criticized whenever we dine out with friends because we choose healthier menu options. For goodness sakes, if someone you know is on a healthy eating journey to invest into their health equity, then please, don’t ridicule, tempt, or dismiss them as crazy health nuts. Judge not! Show some loving support, respect, understanding, and compassion. Just because you...

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Immediately after preparing this tea on my weekly WISH TV segment Saturday morning, my email exploded. Why? There’s a huge interest in the astonishing healing and detoxing properties of this warm, yellow elixir of spicy, sweet, sharp-tasting deliciousness. Folks are starting to ‘get it!’, so I’m sharing it. When I present my Eat Right Now program around Indiana folks ask me how to brew the healing, liver-cleansing, powerfully...

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The end of mindless eating

“How can I describe it? Good food is like music you can taste, color you can smell. There is excellence all around you. You need only to be aware to stop and savor it.”  Gusteau From Rattatoulle From our first breath till our last exhale, we’re told what’s good for us, heavily influenced by our parents eating behaviors and advertising. Unfortunately, most parents thoughtlessly project their silly fears of plant food upon their...

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Sweet Potatoes: ‘Vegetable Indispensable?’

Aunts, Uncles, cousins and nephews all salivate when Grandma begins shuffling around her warm kitchen, softly humming hymns and clanking pans; lovingly preparing an annual fall family dinner. Other than the warm and fuzzy time we spend with our family, I recall the gooey, sticky, artery- detonating, Sweet Potato Casserole. Does it require asphyxiating these nutritional nuggets in ‘Cruel Whip” to get your clan to partake?  Once...

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Fat is Fat is Fat

Like a bear in a thundering Alaskan river, gorging on oily salmon before winter hibernation, the fastest way for you to put on tonnage is to eat fat, and lots of it. Not difficult considering the insane, deep-fried Western diet. If you think eating too many carbs will put on extra tonnage, buzz, you’re correct. But, if you’re impatient to become obese and follow the pudgy in-crowd, fat will do it much quicker. Fats, all fats, have...

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