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January 25, 2015

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Torry’s Top Ten 01/22/15

Top ten things we can concentrate on now that the Colts are done by Torry Stiles Chiseling the Eisenhower dollar off of the floor at Dough Mommas. Start learning how to pronounce the names of this year’s Indy 500 drivers. Perfecting that persimmon pudding recipe before the Kroger runs out of pulp. Dance party! Convincing the wife that your body is “conditioned” to drinking beer on Sundays and it could be dangerous to...

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Torry’s Top Ten 1/15/15

Top ten discoveries from my sickbed by Torry Stiles (Dear readers – Well, infectious humor isn’t the only thing running rampant in the Stiles house.) 10. That Internet thingie, Pandora, has old Abbott & Costello routines plus Red Skelton and others…. I could be sick here for a while. 9. We all have that one friend or relative who is always sicker. I swear, when they are lowering my coffin into the ground mine...

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Torry’s Top Ten 1/8/15

Top ten ways you failed your Winter Storm Preparedness Test   by Torry Stiles 10. “Only wimps need to slow down for this little bit of snow!” 9. The kid has to learn to shovel snow someday and, by golly, four years old is not too young. 8. Instead of snow boots you’ve been saving empty plastic bread bags. 7. You may not have a snow shovel but your neighbor does and if he doesn’t let you borrow it then you...

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Torry’s Top Ten 1/1/15

Top ten signs this year will be better than the last by Torry Stiles Your co-workers are tired of the Khardashians, too, and no longer talk about them in the break room. You have run out of people to un-friend. The clerks at the bank no longer start giggling when you come in to cash your paycheck. You’ve started buying groceries that have a brand name that doesn’t include the word “value.” You no longer make a...

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Torry’s Top Ten 12/23/14

Top ten reasons you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas this year by Torry Stiles Sorry. Peyton says he’s staying in Denver. You asked for a pet termite. We put it under the tree. Where do you think it went? Sorry, but there are some things Santa cannot do especially when it involves transporting women across state lines. Rhinoceros are an endangered species and their horns are NOT an aphrodisiac. We asked and she...

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