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March 25, 2017

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Need legal advice? This might help

Q. The IRS sent me a notice that I owe more taxes for 2010. Do I take their word for this? A. Do not assume that the IRS determination is correct. Check the notice to see how they determined that you owe. Review your tax return, particularly for math errors (which are common). If you used a professional tax preparer, have the preparer review the IRS claim. If you prepared the 1040 yourself, consult a professional and use this person...

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Heading outdoors, are you liable or not?

Spring has arrived. It’s time to review your homeowner’s insurance policy to check your coverage. Bad things can happen to good homeowners. When your backyard is the neighborhood playground, kids can get hurt. For example, your tree house has a rotten step that you intended to fix; the kid next door may find it first and break an arm. Almost all homeowner liability is based on the tort law of negligence. The basic requirements for...

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Share the road to keep everyone safe

Q. With the new bicycle paths on the streets, I have worried about my liability if I accidently hit a cyclist as I turn a corner. What is the law? A. Most automobile accidents involve an issue of negligence. The standard is somewhat vague: What would a reasonable person do under the same or similar circumstances? Clearly, you have a legal obligation to watch out for cyclists, and likewise, they must watch for motorists turning across...

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Investors beware: Scams can wipe out lives

George Washington Plunkett of New York City’s notorious Tammany Hall gang coined the phrase “honest graft” to affirm his support for any government action that personally enriched him. More to the point, he acknowledged that “I seen my opportunities and took ‘em.” This article focuses on the dishonor roll of scalawags, schemers and miscreants who bilk folks out of their money and cost taxpayers billions of dollars. This is a...

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Learn how to avoid (not evade) taxes

For those suffering the 1040 blues, I bring you some hope for smaller IRS payments. My inspiration is Newt Gingrich’s tax ploy. Newt set up a corporation to receive his income from books and speeches, and, by so doing, avoided about $70,000 in Medicare taxes. The mantra of tax adviser to the rich: “To whom much income is given, much less will be paid to the IRS.” Here are some of my suggestions, a few of which may actually save you...

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