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March 25, 2017

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Chester's corner

Giving up for Lent It’s that time of year: Lent. It’s four weeks prior to Easter. Christians like Jim get all committed about Saturday morning breakfasts. It was my one day to sleep in! The food is good but the lines are long and we always have a speaker (It’s disturbingly like going to church!). The rest of the year I get to watch cartoons. This lasts all of February and March (sometimes into April). This year isn’t so bad. In the...

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At Play Calendar 2/28/13

Fundraiser   Bean Dinner • The Beech Grove Lions Club will have their 38th annual bean dinner to benefit Lions and community projects. The cost includes all the ham/beans you want, corn bread, Cole slaw, drink and dessert. (Hot dogs available) | When: March 1, 4:30 – 7 p.m. | Where: South Grove Intermediate School, 851, S. 9th St., Beech Grove. | Cost: $5 | Info: Call (317) 862-9064.   Bags, Brunch and Beach Boys • The...

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Obituaries 2/28/13

William “Bill” Allstatt 88, Beech Grove, died Feb. 22, 2013.  He had been an Indianapolis Firefighter for 40 years.  He won many awards, including medals from the Police and Fire Games and the Senior Classics. He is preceded in death by his parents, John and Mary Allstatt (Forstel); one brother; and his wife of 50 years, Mary Allstatt (Waldo). He is survived by his two daughters, Judy Allstatt and Debbie Long (Jim); two...

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Visit the Garden of Happiness

  Without doubt, our loving creator wants his children’s health to prosper by eating more garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. Still, you instinctively recoil as if the divine’s magnificent gifts carried Ebola virus. It’s staggering.  In 2013, a country writhes from unprecedented obesity rates and more nutritional deficiency diseases than you can shake a stick at, yet refuse acquire a taste for life-sustaining, restorative food...

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Weekly Movie Review 2/28/13

21 & Over; You’ll wish it was over   21& Over is the new film written and directed by the same guys that wrote the Hangover films. Now, you’re probably asking why that little bit of trivia was worth mentioning. Well, it’s important for a couple of reasons. First, if you’ve seen either of the Hangover films, you’re more than familiar with the plot and set up of the films. Just in case you haven’t the plot of both films is as...

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