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March 25, 2017

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Gathering for remembrance

Richmond Hill community gathers for candlelight vigil in light of explosion suspects’ arrests By Nicole Davis Candles lined the sidewalks of the Richmond Hill Subdivision on Dec. 22. In the middle of candles arranged to form a heart shape were two candles lit in memory of Jennifer and John “Dion” Longworth who were killed in the explosion in Nov. 10. During the candlelight vigil, residents gathered for the first time since the blast...

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Enthusiasm for expansion

Resurrection Lutheran Church invests $4 million in new Perry Township building By Nicole Davis Members of Resurrection Lutheran Church have lugged their music equipment and set up chairs for worship at the Douglas McArthur Elementary School across from their church since June. All for the better, said Pastor Dave Schreiber – the church is investing approximately $4 million in expanding on its existing location in Perry Township....

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Paying it forward

Roncalli Senior Alex Alfery takes pride in maintaining Thompson Road median By Nicole Davis Like many teenagers, Alex Alfrey was taught to mow the lawn when he was young. Alfrey loved the chore and said it relaxes him. He started his own small lawn care business in 7th grade. During his freshman year at Roncalli High School, he was given the opportunity to volunteer to maintain the median they adopted on Thompson Road between US 31...

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New Year's Resolutions

This year, will you join the millions of earthlings who are acknowledging aspects of their lifestyle with which they are unhappy and seek to change?  It’s easy to forget the truth that how we steward our holy temple mirrors how we feel about ourselves and God. Lost in our current culture of anger, depression, hate, violence, gluttony-worship and senseless conflict you forget who you are; your rootedness in the loving divine. Your...

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Cooking With Clint

Peppercorn steak—get cracking      This is a quick dish that may elicit the illusion that you’ve been stooped over the stove for hours.  Not unlike the marriage of whole ground mustard and beef, peppercorns and steak are an enticing pairing—just think of the French classic steak au poivre. Here, I’m employing green peppercorns, which are a bit pricier than the more common black peppercorns, but the extra cash spent has its advantages....

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