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December 22, 2014

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Why spend money when you can make it?

My daughter Sophia and I are extreme couponers. Often times we leave the store with either the store owing us money or extra products because of coupon overage. Many of our local stores will not allow a transaction to be in the negative but will allow the consumer to use that overage on other items. How this works is when a coupon exceeds the asking price of the merchandise this generates overage on that particular product. Wal-Mart...

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Legal concerns when starting a business

By Chuck Roach Starting a business can seem overwhelming. The legal organization of the business alone will have a major impact on its long-term success. Among the first decisions that the business owner will make is its structure. The decision has long-term implications, so the advice of an attorney or accountant is strongly encouraged. Organization of a business entity is done for several reasons, the most important being to limit...

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Torry's Top Ten: Top ten ways I’m coping with the drought #2

10. Saving money by cooking all my meals on the asphalt road in front of my house. 9. Offering my front yard for cheap Brickyard parking. Sure, I’m on the wrong side of town but think about how you’ll miss the race traffic. 8. Setting up a sweet corn stand. “Fresh picked. Fresh cooked” 7. “I’m not watering my lawn, officer. This is a battle to the death with a swarm of invisible fire ants.” 6. Turning my non-air-conditioned truck into...

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Skip the ‘sticks’ with fresh fish

If you’ve noticed the trend that I gravitate more toward fish dishes during the summer months, then good for you. But to be honest, this compulsion often goes uncalculated. Most people are aware about the benefits of fish as a good-oil, good-fat protein; but—all gastronomic pedagogy aside—sometimes fresh fish just feels right. Unfortunately, the Hoosier state is far from being a seafood “hub,” it would be equally unfortunate if the...

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Are we there yet?

Summer road trips are when folks detour healthy eating habits and dent their health by pigging out on free-way, convenient store Road Kill. You can make wiser choices when away from home, but you must take control and plan ahead to by-pass foods congested with fat, sugar, salt, chemicals and calories.   For a high-energy start and to the day, top your tank with a good breakfast. Opt for lean protein, not fatty bacon. Drop the hotel...

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