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March 25, 2017

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Center searches for pets to give new life

Our furry friends always manage to get spoiled by Santa during the holidays, whether it’s with treats or toys. But what kind of gift can pets give to each other? The Indianapolis Veterinary Emergency Center (IVEC) says blood is the answer. Pet owners are encouraged to bring their pets, both dogs and cats, to the 24-hour emergency veterinary clinic to help save the lives of other animals as part of its Canine & Feline Blood Donor...

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What its worth

IN My Opinion: $140,00 Type of property: This home is a three-bedroom brick ranch with two full bathrooms, an unfinished basement and a two-car, detached garage. Age: Built in 1966. Location: Just west of Indianapolis, within the Avon Community School System. Square Footage: 2,744 SF. The main floor has 1,624 square feet and the basement contains another 1,120 square feet. Rooms: There are six rooms on the main level of the home and...

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Hangovers: What really works

Your parched mouth tastes like 1,000 reeking camels walked through, the sound of air molecules drifting past exceed your pain-level threshold and rusty nails were driven into your throbbing skull as you slept. Sound familiar? Americans lean on juice, coffee or the notorious ‘hair of the dog’ to return their temple back to normal. Every culture has its cure: The Irish suggest getting buried to the neck with moist river sand, and the...

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3…2…1, soup’s on!

This week’s recipe is a little deceptive—the ingredients are sparse, and the execution is woefully simple. But that doesn’t mean the result is underwhelming. Let’s briefly talk about the fennel. Latin for “little hay,” sweet fennel was prized by the Greeks, who gave it the nickname “marathon” as a tribute recalling the location of a victory over the Persians. Moreover, the feathery-topped vegetables were a symbol of success. Fennel is...

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Torry's top ten random thoughts while recovering from Christmas Cookie Coma

10. Sitting at the grown-ups table is not always as cool as it seemed 40 years ago. 9. If you have to build shelves to stack your yard decorations, then you’ve probably gone too far. 8. While I appreciate the stores that were open on Christmas morning, I can’t help but notice that few of the clerks really want to be there. 7. The value of Scotch Tape is wholly overrated. Duck, masking or electrical tape will get ’er done. If all else...

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