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March 25, 2017

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Torry's top ten good things about the NBA lockout

10. Perhaps a few more kids will choose to actually study and graduate. 9. The women of the WNBA will be able to brag about getting a paycheck. 8. We all might start caring about IU again. 7. It’s gonna be a lot less crowded at BW3. 6. We won’t spend months claiming that this is another “building season” for the Pacers. 5. Conseco Fieldhouse may show a profit. 4. Charles Barkley is off the air. 3. ESPN may bring back more cheerleader...

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Signs of the times

Dick Isenhour The Reluctant Curmudgeon A number of my friends on Facebook are posting inspirational sayings and slogans, such as: “Apologizing does not always mean you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.” “Dear God, I wanna take a minute, not to ask for anything from you, but simply to thank you for all I have.” The sayings are posted with sincerity, but they...

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Great American Smokeout should snuff secondhand smoke, too

Bruce Hetrick Guest Columnist Six years ago, I lost my wife, business partner and the stepmother of my twin sons to a smoker’s cancer. She was 49 years old. Pam Klein never smoked in her life. But in her 25 years as a journalist, she spent countless hours in smoke-filled rooms. She was just doing her job, and it killed her. The Great American Smokeout offers life- and health-saving benefits to smokers who quit. But all the smokers...

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Disaster an unwanted house guest

For all of my life, I have heard that death comes in threes. And actually, I have witnessed that enough times in the past 51 years to wonder if it might actually have a lot of truth to it. But here’s another little fact. I’m thinking that while death might visit three times, so does disaster. At least in my house, Disaster moves right in, makes herself at home and wears out her welcome. Let me just offer you examples of this theory....

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Why do we dislike water!

When wild animals, cavemen, Druids, Celts, kings and princesses took a drink from their wells, your glass of water was part of those wells. Life-sustaining water has been here since the creation of earth. Humans would not exist today if not for water. Greek philosopher Empedocles held that water is one of the four elements, along with earth, wind and fire. Water is essential to your survival, as one cannot survive more than three days...

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