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March 25, 2017

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Move to the middle during life’s storm

A few evenings ago, my friend and I sat together on her porch. We were both wrapped like a couple of pudgy burritos, in a blanket each, watching a storm. “This was going OK when it was only raining. But I think the thunder is scaring me,” she said. “And I’m not a big fan of lightning, either.” I shrugged, enjoying the mist of rain on my face as the wind got stronger. I happen to be in love with thunder and lightning, too. I am the...

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Boom Boom Pow Trial Run Fun

Standing behind the counter at Greenwood’s Boom Boom Pow, Mike Galardo explained that he sells only quality fireworks. “If it didn’t impress us, it’s not in here,” he said with a grin. “And people don’t have to guess about what they are buying in here, either. We have all of our fireworks on video.” If video clips won’t do and customers prefer to see and hear the real thing, they can show up after 9 pm most evenings in the store...

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Make Visit From Beetles a Short One

In 1925, William Atherton DuPuy wrote in his book, “Our Insect Friends and Foes” that the Japanese beetles arrived in Riverton, New Jersey in 1916.  He wrote, “…a single nurseryman brought to the United States certain plants of the Japanese iris in which slumbered a few of the young of this beetle. The iris were planted at Riverton; the grubs developed into beetles, and this started the widening circle which has grown year by year.”...

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Bookworms Turn Recipe Pages

Armed with aprons and an overabundance of grill secrets and recipes, Greenwood Library employees and self-described foodies, Kendra Auberry and Anna Roberts, bypass the book lined shelves this month to fire up the grill. When they started the library’s Project Foodie series nearly two years ago, interested food lovers crowded into the classes, Auberry said. “We found there are a lot of people here in Greenwood who are really...

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Passcode Overload Leads To Dunderheaditude

Had a brain freeze the other day. No, not the kind you get when you try to eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia in one bite. I mean the kind when your brain abruptly stops working and turns you into a mouth-breathing dunderhead. Of course, this sudden attack of “dunderheaditude” always happens at the worst possible time – although, truth be told, any time it’s going to happen is going to be pretty bad. When do you ever...

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