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March 25, 2017

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Living the tradition of the 500

This year, 2011, is the 100th Anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 race and Southport resident Jerry Graybill has shared the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing” for a full two-thirds of those 100 years. The first race he attended was in 1946 at the age of 8. “I haven’t missed one since,” Graybill said. His 66-year attendance at the Indianapolis 500 race on Memorial Day weekend is more than just a routine, it grew from a passion about the...

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Torry's top ten reflections on reaching 50 years old

10. I have a home, a wife, family and friends. I never made it as a movie star, astronaut or cowboy. I’m still hoping for that professional wrestling career. 9. I was just across the street when they knocked down Greenwood’s old Isom Elementary School building. I remember feeling the ground shake when the east wall was toppled. I never attended school there but the memory has always haunted me … somedays I still feel its echoing...

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The battle of the bird feeder

When we were kids, my brother and sister and I had a pet squirrel named “Filbert.” Well, “pet” is a bit of an overstatement. He lived in the tree behind our house and came to the back door to get the nuts we left for him. While he may not have been a pet, it was my first positive interaction with a squirrel. It was also my last positive interaction with a squirrel. (I’m not counting squirrel hunting, which I used to do a lot of....

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Customers taking their own orders? Bad idea

Hearing “Welcome to McDonald’s. May I take your order?” may soon become a thing of the past. Last week it was announced that McDonald’s is installing thousands of self-service kiosks in some of its European restaurants. The company is testing these machines, which have been in the works for years and have the capability to take orders and payments. Nearly everything this corporation does has been golden, like its arches. It...

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The collusion of strangers saves the day

When Sophie and I got on the airplane yesterday, it didn’t take long for me to discover that my two-hour flight would actually feel like a couple of months. Usually, she is the best girl on the airplane. She flops around for a minute in the carrier, chews on the well-loved Barbie that always accompanies her on trips, and then settles in for a snooze. When the plane lands; she is perky, happy and ready to roll. Soon after I found my...

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