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March 25, 2017

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Seven New Year’s resolutions you can keep

My New Year’s resolutions are as quickly forgotten as made. So this year, dear reader, instead of wasting my time worrying about losing weight and saving money, I decided to provide you with seven resolutions and save you the need to prepare your own. Estate planning. You should have all your estate planning documents updated. This includes a Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will, and a Health Care...

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The addictive carb conundrum

Do you have trouble saying ‘no’ when an Éclair appears? Ever question the chip ads challenging “Bet you can’t eat just one’”? Why do Americans crave foods that cause disease? The successes of national brand names decorating your kitchen are founded in trickery and addiction; give them a taste they’ll crave, hook em’ and they’ll loyally come back for more. Just like addictive, illegal street drugs, cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol, and...

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Torry's top ten things I’ll be hoping for in 2011

10. Another great year with the folks at the Southside Times. 9. A way to pay for 2010. 8. Enough patience to tolerate the next television season. 7. To find where my youth disappeared to. 6. That gas stays cheaper than bottled water. 5. A cure for procrastination. Somebody will get around to it sometime. 4. A really nice way to tell the neighbors that their dog is ugly as sin … and so’s their kid. 3. Less hoping and more...

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Weather is sensational – but only on the East Coast

I’m sure you caught the news about the Winter Storm That Changed Life As We Know It … on the East Coast. It was one of those storms which set off a blizzard of hyperbole (see above) as news services scrambled to out-do one another in the Ridiculous Description Department. The winner? “Snowmageddon.” Now, in looking at the storm coverage from Snowmageddonland, I have come to the following conclusions: 1. The people who live in the East...

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Athletes think they’re the only ones working holidays

I hope everyone had a great Christmas this past weekend. There were a number of pro athletes, however, who apparently did not. That’s at least what I took from the bickering of a few players and coaches from the NBA and NFL, who publicly griped leading up to Dec. 25 about playing that day. Several stars from Christmas’ multitude of professional games complained via the media and/or their Twitter accounts that, of their numerous game...

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