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March 25, 2017

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What does it take to get that feast on the table?

The Indiana Farm Bureau came out with their annual estimate of the cost of Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people. It is up $1.86 from last year. Even so, it is down $1.84 from the highest annual cost posted in 2007, which was $47.63. The Indiana Farm Bureau figures are based on an informal survey of grocery stores statewide. With all the sales offered by grocery stores at this time of year, I wondered if the estimates included those or...

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What would Wendell eat for dinner?

Nary a day goes by that I don’t remind my wife how utterly blessed she is to have me as her housemaid, er… husband. I work at home so when she triumphantly returns home from her job I have her cup of green tea prepared, dinner on the table, the laundry washed but not folded (I still can’t grasp the folding technique), daily clutter picked up, and have tended to our critter’s needs. That’s 7,300 dinners not including breakfast, but I’m...

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Waiting out the winter

The first seed catalog showed up in my mailbox earlier this week, right on schedule and on the same day I planted the last of the spring-flowering bulbs in the garden. On the back patio, two large brown tarps cover the bigger clay pots that are too heavy to carry around to the garage and the outdoor furniture, hopefully protecting them from snow and ice. I long ago tore out the remains of the vegetable garden and can already see that...

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Torry's top ten sure-fire sales gimmicks to guarantee a big crowd in your store this Friday

10. Offer the best products at the best prices and hope the Walmart lawyers don’t find out about it. 9. Start your big sales earlier: If the competition opens at 5 a.m. open your doors… oh, say … Tuesday. 8. Bring in clowns, actors, sleight-of-hand artists. Election Day was just a little while ago and there are several in need of work. 7. Sabotage your competition’s sound system so that it continuously plays Grandma Got...

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Good music crosses generations

The other day, I was reminded of something so important that I can’t understand how I lost track of it to begin with. I was getting dinner at that restaurant named after a group of guys who number more than four but less than six. I got the usual: one of their exceptionally good cheeseburgers (with everything) and an order – well, they call it an order but it’s more like a truckload – of the best fries I’ve had that weren’t homemade....

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