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March 25, 2017

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Suffering from Mafundalow?

What’s the true cost of eating the typical American diet; a witch’s brew of heartrending, wallet-busting diseases, and incapacitating obesity? No one possesses the stones however, to cop to the naked fact that we support the health care crisis with our unfocused dietary choices; pure and simple. Food illiteracy simmered with our addiction to Big Food’s twaddle is the stone we should overturn. Our nation’s health care crisis is not a...

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Top Ten reasons men need women

10. To hone our spider-killing skills. 9. Somebody has to remind us not to have beer for breakfast. 8. All our kids would be named after football players or an old family pet. 7. Without them there would be no Victoria Secret posters at the mall. 6. They smell nicer than the guy on the next bar stool. 5. Otherwise the grocery store florists would all be out of work. 4. We look silly when we dance with other guys. 3. The toilet paper...

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Hi-ho, hi-ho it’s back to the farm I go

No doubt you have been wondering why a fellow such as me – handsome, urbane, talented and, most of all, deluded, would choose to spend his Octobers bouncing around on a wagon full of straw, indulging my inner agriculturalist, talking to people about farming. Simple. It’s fun. This meets the No. 1 requirement I have set out for myself as I have gotten older and allegedly wiser. Whatever I do has to be fun. Life is just too short to...

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South side should follow Carmel’s lead

I know that headline is going to get some people upset, even before they know what I’m discussing. There’s a clear dislike on the South side for this affluent city to the north. Some of it is justified. Some of it isn’t, and some of it’s probably football related in the Center Grove area. Nonetheless, there is one thing in particular that Carmel is doing that the south side should as well. The South side doesn’t need a $150 million...

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On the move, move, move

Years ago, I watched in awe as other kids took their sweet time lacing up shoes, eating all the food on their plates, getting ready for bed. Those kids were frequently accused of “lollygagging around.” Not me. Not ever. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a human ping pong ball. I do everything quickly, and I do lots of things at once. You won’t see this chick waiting in a long line, taking a swing at a golf ball or meditating....

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