Kiwanis makes a noise in Perry Township

July 30, 2010 in Community by Jennifer Pherigo

Kiwanis may have a funny
ring to it, but it is an organization
devoted to community
since 1915. Skip Booher, a member
since 1961, joined the Perry
Township Club in 1984. Read the rest of this entry →

What's it worth

July 30, 2010 in What's It Worth? by Larry D. Cruse - Weichert, Realtors®- Tralee Properties

Type: Traditional, ranch
home with two full bathrooms.
Age: Built in 2004.
Location: Trafalgar
Square Footage: 1,608 S.F.
Rooms: There are a total of
seven rooms throughout the
brick wrapped home. In addition
to the three bedrooms you
will find a large great room that
includes a wood burning fireplace
and cathedral ceilings,
the kitchen, separate breakfast
room and the laundry room.
Strengths: Not only does
the property have all of the amenities
of a newer built home but
it also has all of the facilities to
accommodate up to six horses
in a 72 x 48 foot barn with stalls.
All of this is located on six acres
of pastured land in Trafalgar. A
portion of the land is fenced for
the livestock while the

Financial reform law –watch the fine print

July 30, 2010 in Personal Finance by Steve Maple

Congress and the President
are “solving” our problems. The
President just signed a 2,319-
page financial reform law which
created a new agency to write
regulations in 243 areas. Read the rest of this entry →

Soy: We’ve been flim-flammed…again

July 30, 2010 in Living by Wendell Fowler

Recently l had occasion
to study with an
Ayurvedic Indian doctor.
In Ayurveda, diet is
the keystone of one’s mental and
physical health destiny. Read the rest of this entry →

Top ten bits of househould advice my parents never passed on

July 30, 2010 in Torry's Top Ten by Torry Stiles

10. The only liquid drain openers that really
work are the ones in the news stories
accompanied by the phrase, “overcome
by fumes.”
9. Sour cream smells the same after it
has gone sour … only more so.
8. Cats will never get hungry enough to
eat Jell-o.
7. Good fences make good neighbors
but good curtains are just as important
if you like to air dry after a shower.
6. Burnt is burnt and no amount of spices
will cover it up.
5. Store the toothpaste separate from
the Ben-Gay.
4. Never ignore a smiling child holding a
Magic Marker.
3. She knows you’re faking so get out of
bed and go see why the baby is crying.
2. A sharp knife is safer until it’s hidden in
the sudsy sink.
1. No roof ever fixed itself.

Business travel is really a pleasure

July 30, 2010 in Opinion by Mike Redmond

Kansas City, the city of
fountains where everything
is up to date
and they got some
crazy little women, beckons to
the vacationer with its heady
mix of cosmopolitan flair and
Midwestern friendliness. Read the rest of this entry →

Headed to the moon with luggage tags

July 30, 2010 in Opinion by Kevin Kane

I’ve recently become enthralled
with the stories
of a few Craigslist traders,
and I want in on the
action. Read the rest of this entry →

Dreams do come true

July 30, 2010 in Opinion by Sherri Coner-Eastburn

Well, it has happened.
My baby boy
has grown into
a pretty darn incredible man
and has fallen in love. Read the rest of this entry →

Harrison: Southport court needed to enforce laws, add revenue

July 29, 2010 in Front Page News by Mike Alexander

Andrew Harrison believes creating a court
system will provide more safety
and revenue for the city of
Southport. The five-member city
council has repeatedly delayed
the adoption of a court system
since March. This city of 1,800
residents has a working relationship
with the Indianapolis Metro
Police Department when it comes to moving
violations, but no court system to enforce Southport’s
many other laws.
Harrison, 32-year- old safety and security
manager for wireless devices international distributor
Brightpoint, believes Southport is losing
“thousands of dollars in fines and fees” because
it does not have a court of its own.“And public
safety would be improved since the revenues
would support our police department,” he said.
Harrison has challenged the council to move on
the matter. He got council members to agree to a
future meeting, but no date has been set.
Both Southport Mayor Rob Thoman and Harrison
have suggested referring Southport violators
to Beech Grove City Court for hearings.
Both serve on the public safety board. The third
member is Kevin Bandy. “Without the ability to
enforce them (local ordinances), why have them
at all?” stated Bandy. “You (council members) are
tying the hands of our police officers and jeopardizing
the welfare of our city.”
Mayor Thoman said it is not feasible financially
for Southport to pay for a court system of
its own. He said Beech Grove is a good way to
go because it is in the same county (Marion) as
Southport and is in close proximity.
Harrison said the revenue from Southport using
another court such as Beech Grove’s would
be kept in a separate account and placed in
Southport’s general operating fund for use by the
police department.
As for a binding contract with another court
system, Harrison said such a contract would have
a “30-day out” arrangement, meaning Southport
could withdraw its participation with a 30-day
notice at any time.
Harrison hopes the council will meet soon on
the issue and go to the Beech Grove City Court
to see its set-up and ask questions leading to a

Greenwood woman touched by the tender side of wild Africa

July 29, 2010 in Front Page News by Mike Alexander

Donna Alexander recently returned from Africa.
She is a changed woman.
The 62-year-old South side hairstylist and her
daughter, Christine Hobbs of Corpus Christi, Texas,
spent two weeks in Zambia, Africa, working with
orphans. Read the rest of this entry →