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March 25, 2017

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Unleashed dogs attack family pet

Their morning routine began like any other. Pretty Girl, a 13-year-old, 15-pound Pomeranian, waited patiently for Southsider Harvey Brandon- her favorite guy in the entire world- to attach her leash. While Peggy Brandon, Harvey’s wife of 30 years, stayed behind to prepare breakfast, Harvey and Pretty Girl headed out for their morning stroll around the block so Pretty Girl could do her business and Harvey could shuffle along at a fair...

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Human resources that hit home

Mike Heffner was going to miss witnessing his little girl sinking her foot into a soccerball for the first time, and, frankly, it ate at him. So much so that Heffner, then 35 and a national account manager for Owens Corning, decided a fork in his career road would be a welcome change. The result of that fork is Heffner’s ownership of Express Employment Professionals in Greenwood, a staffing company that since opening July 11, 2005,...

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Torry's top ten least-loved phrases in high school commencement speeches

10. “Life is a journey and this is just the first leg. You have many miles to go before the next rest stop.” 9. “The past twelve years was the easy part. Let’s talk about car loans, insurance and mortgages.” 8. “Somebody egged the superintendent’s car. Nobody leaves until we find out who.” 7. “Remember that life is a journey… and it’s full of toll booths and gas stations.” 6. “You aren’t out yet. Spit out the gum.” 5. “The coach...

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Shut up Rico, I’m trying to croon

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Rico the lounge singer. People, Rico. Rico, people. Rico exists only in the depths of my ridiculous imagination. It’s the name I have given to this little voice inside my head that mocks me – persistently and hilariously – when I am at my second favorite job at the Indiana History Center. I am a historical crooner. That’s what my boss tells me, anyway. I am more inclined to say...

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What’s the etiquette on pocket dials?

Some of you may remember a column I wrote a few months ago on my new Blackberry and how it quickly transformed me into one of those seemingly inconsiderate Blackberry users, whom I promised myself I would never imitate. Well smart phones in general are still negatively affecting my life to this day in a whole different manner. On a regular basis, these phones are creating for me both potentially embarrassing and morally challenging...

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