And the winner is…

October 29, 2009 in Community by Tia Nielsen

Photo courtesy of Banayote Photography

Photo courtesy of Banayote Photography

The Audience Choice Award for the Best Short Film of the Heartland Film Festival went to Grande Drip. Produced by Perry Meridian graduate Greg Wilson, Emily Moss Wilson and Wilson’s good friend Ryan Cheevers, the film mixed humor, a sweet love story and fear of rejection with a creative homeless character whose daring stunt changed everything. Associate producers Dr. Paul and Karen Wilson, Greg’s parents, flank Cheevers after the presentation during the Film Festival Closing Night event at the Indiana History Center.

- Compiled by Tia Nielsen

Greenwood: To merge — or not to merge

October 29, 2009 in Front Page News by Mike Alexander

The City of Greenwood is at a monumental time in history.

If the governing bodies of Greenwood and its westside neighbor White River Township (Center Grove area) decided to merge, their populations of 48,000 and 40,000 would join to make both corporate bodies the sixth-largest city in Indiana.

A reorganization committee, appointed by city council and township board, will present their proposals at the Greenwood council meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 16. The meeting will be in the second floor council chambers of the City Building, 2 N. Madison Ave., Greenwood.
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Walking the Line

October 29, 2009 in Front Page News by Sara Gentry

Musician Tommy Cash pays musical tribute to brother Johnny with a concert benefitting local charity Flags over Greenwood

Musician Tommy Cash started playing music at 16, around the same time that his famous brother, Johnny Cash, was putting out hit singles with Sun Records.

Tommy’s high school band played socials and churches around Memphis, but as an adult, he started out in music publishing. He worked with staff writers and didn’t have any interest in being a stage performer. But it didn’t take long for producers to hear him sing on demos and ask him to record on his own.
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Obituaries for the week of 10.29.09

October 29, 2009 in Obituaries by Submission For The Southside Times

Brenda Faye (Sexton) Proffitt, 54, of Indianapolis, died Oct. 24. She was born May 19, 1955, in Oneida, Tenn., to John Riley & Ollie May (Griffith) Sexton, Jr. who preceded her in death along with her sister, Jean Helen Casavant. She was a homemaker. She is survived by her husband, Gerald A. Proffit; sons, Patrick Anthony Sexton, Gerald Riley Proffitt, Jr., David Anthony Proffitt; daughters, Corine Lee Stevens, and Tiffany Nicole Proffitt; brother, Clyde (Debbie) Sexton; sisters, Joyce (Bobby) Miske, Theora Lynn (Stuart) Price and Mary (Steve) Danielson; eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Services were held Oct. 28 at Fountain Square Mortuary.
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FC grad founds clean water project

October 29, 2009 in Community by Tia Nielsen

72 hours is all it took. A mere three days rocked the world of Seth Maxwell.

The 2006 Franklin Central graduate was a first-year student at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles in March 2007. Pursuing an acting career, something he had done since he was 7, was on his mind — not founding a not-for-profit that brings clean, safe water to people suffering from thirst.

And as Maxwell tells high school groups he speaks to, “I didn’t wake one day and say, ‘I think I’ll start a charity today.’” But in a storyline that might not even seem believable for the movies, Seth Maxwell is now the founder, president and CEO of The Thirst Project, based out of LA.
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Closing the curtains may be your get-out-of-jail-free card

October 29, 2009 in Opinion by Mike Redmond

I’m sure we’ve heard the old saying about how people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Well, you can add some other things to that. They shouldn’t pick their noses, either. That is to be done in the car, at a stoplight. And they shouldn’t walk around naked, although I would be willing in to make exceptions for Halle Berry and Sofia Vergara.

Which brings us, in a most roundabout way, to the case of Eric Williamson of Springfield, Va.
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Halloween isn’t the same in malls

October 29, 2009 in Opinion by Kevin Kane

Of all the things that could spoil Halloween, the one that’s actually doing it is fear.

Over the past few years, increasing numbers of trick-or-treaters have left the neighborhoods and headed to malls. Instead of going door to door, they now go store front to store front in search of their candy.
Their parents have them trading dim lights and spooky sounds for fluorescent bulbs and Sheryl Crow. Sale signs replace spider webs. Hanging ghouls give way to mannequins and costumed doormen are swapped for hostesses and earpiece-equipped clothes folders.
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Top ten ways to get rid of unwanted trick-or-treaters

October 29, 2009 in Torry's Top Ten by Torry Stiles

10. “Hi there, kids. My name is _____. I’m your city councilman. Let’s talk about the bond issue.”
9. “You kids get a choice. Atomic Fireball or Atomic Wedgie.”
8. You open the door. The kids yell “Trick or Treat!” You flop backward holding your chest… and lie very still until they go away.
7. “Nothing until you cut the grass!”
6. “Hello, children. I don’t have any candy. Candy is bad for you. I’ve got steamed Brussels sprouts.”
5. Erect a large sign on your lawn: “This is a ‘Clothing Optional’ home.”
4. “Honey! They’re on the porch! Turn on the sprinklers!”
3. Offer them a choice from your mismatched sock basket.
2. “I got candy for you. I just need to see a picture ID and your trick-or-treat license.”
1. Invite them in to discuss the value and savings opportunities of new replacement windows.

Shame on you, Southport Council

October 29, 2009 in Letters to the Editor by Submission For The Southside Times


As a longtime resident of Perry Township and a former resident of Southport, I am troubled by the action of the Southport Council regarding Mayor Rob Thoman. Instead of properly using their legislative powers when they disagree with a proposal, they have chosen to use their efforts in the politics of personal destruction. Some members of the council from the beginning set up situations so that whatever Mayor Thoman did, he would anger some group or political faction. As soon as he stepped on one or more of these little “political mines”, the appropriate group jumped on that single issue and attacked. Their ultimate reason seems to center on forcing the mayor to resign or insuring the election of a future mayor who will restore the little fiefdom that existed prior to Mayor Thoman taking office.
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Comforting through food

October 29, 2009 in Opinion by Sherri Coner-Eastburn

Yesterday, a friend and I discussed comfort foods.

For man problems, kid problems and money troubles, she migrates toward hot fudge, either on chocolate cake or across the top of an ice cream mountain.

I, however, grab anything of the Little Debbie snack cake variety for any type of crisis.
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